Friday, October 14, 2011

Response to Parents' Concerns summarized from the Reply Slips of "Message from the Principal 1"

  1. More English and Chinese homework assignments to be given (especially for F.4 and F.5)

  2. Heads of English and Chinese : Meaningful / Quality homework assignments which mean to help students digest and synthesize what they have learnt should be designed and marked.

    Of course, we should focus on quality, but not quantity, though qualtiy should never be used as an excuse for getting away from the expected quantity.

  3. Talks on New Senior School (NSS) Curriculum for F.1 and F.2

  4. As some parents of junior levels are very keen to know more about NSS, F.1 and F.2 parents would be invited to come to the talks on NSS for those of F.3.

  5. 2 or 3 Electives for F.4 to F.6

  6. One parent expressed his concern on the number of electives for F.4 to F.6 students.

    Giving F.4 students 2 electives ONLY seems kind of risky and irresponsible as
    1. we must let students try and know more about the electives in F.4
    2. students are allowed to drop one of the 3 electives in either F.5 or F.6
    3. over 95% of our F.1 intake is EMI-capable. In fact, a bit over 50% of our existing F.6 are taking 3 electives still.

    And so, 3 electives would continue to be a must for all F.4.

  7. Installatilon of Card-reader in Block H

  8. School administration will try to source for funding for installing an extra card-reader in Block H since in the long run, classes (F.6 then F.5) of the upper levels will still be located there.

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