Friday, September 21, 2012

Message from the Principal (1) Parents’ Feedback

  • Very satisfied with Munsang College.
  • I feel very satisfied with all your work.
  • I hope the teachers will take better of the students.
  • Information in the “Student and Parent Handbook” is too comprehensive.  Quite a few of the content is not necessary to be included in the handbook which is required to be brought to school every day.
  • I would like to recommend ALL F.1 students to have their lunch in school.  The lunch boxes can be ordered from Tuck Shop at about HK$25 to HK$30.

  • The school’s new cheque payable – “The Incorporated …. College” is too long.  A short form or Chinese form (preferably a shorter one) should be provided.
  • Can we put the short form “ICM” instead of the full name when I issue the cheque to the College?


Moral & National Education
  • Very concerned about the position and plan of MSC concerning MNE (Moral & National Education) dispute  非常關注校方在國民教育科的取態。個人反對該科獨立成科,亦拒絶讓女兒接受有關 “愛國情感” 的一切評估、評核或問卷調查,請校方加以考慮。敬祝  教安!
  • 非常感謝校方此四年承諾暫不執行 “德、國” 科
  • What’s the meaning of “formally” introducing Moral & National Education?  Is there any “informal”?
  • To encourage students to speak more English at all times in school.
  • I hope the school can establish a rich language environment, e.g. English and Putonghua.  It helps students to practice both languages in school.
  • More homework for the students, especially language subjects.
  • It would be better if Chinese Language is taught in Putonghua in all classes.
  • Any Putonghua practice in higher forms?  It’s a pity that they missed the chance to have Putonghua as the medium of instruction for Chinese Language in the past.
  • May request students to write weekly or bi-weekly reports (on any news or interesting happening in the period).
  • Developing students’ interest in reading can definitely improve her language ability.
  • The choice of reading materials are very good except PCM 電腦廣場, this magazine contains articles with rough language and is too commercial-oriented.  Furthermore, there should be more online reading materials as well.
  • Hope that more useful newspaper are provided for subscribing.
  • Provide more types of newspaper and magazines
  • Provide more English magazines for students to read.
  • If possible, newspapers should be distributed to each class every school day, instead of asking student representatives to collect the newspaper from the Library because we have the experience of not having newspaper many times.
  • We wouldn’t subscribe any newspaper and magazines because we have free newspapers to read from internet.
  • Emphasize on using encouraging words to build up confidence of students.  With more efforts, tolerance and patience in teaching students who are less competent.  Avoid measures which may jeopardize the esteem of students (e.g. disclose which student has got the lowest mark in test / exam.)
  • I hope my child can develop her creative thinking, communication skills and self-confidence during her studies, instead of doing a lot of straight-forward homework.
  • I hope my child can study in a relaxing environment.  She will be encouraged to improve, not by punishment.
  • I hope all past test and exam papers could be uploaded onto the school web for students’ easy retrieval.
  • 如果可能的話,希望多些機會與其他不同學校作學術交流,可以分享不同的意見,或從不同的角度再作觀察。
  • Every school year, there are too many new plastic folders for all subjects.  I think students can use the old ones if they have not been damaged for the sake of environmental protection.

  • 如學生之前已申請過,而校方已批准了 (配帶的頸鍊or飾物) 如沒有改變的→可延續批准學生無需重新申請。
  • For the winter uniform the coat can be changed to cotton jacket, same as the Primary Section.  Besides, students should be allowed to wear down coat when the temperature is around 12 degree Celsius.
  • Wish the school can encourage students to study very hard.  School rules must be strict.
  • I suggest the College to arrange more outdoor activities for students to attend.  It can help them to become more independent.
  • I hope my daughter will enjoy her school life more.

Information Technology & Resources
  • I suggest to let parents have better access to school web.
  • We hope the College to have extra lockets for students to store things.
  • Please install lockers in the classrooms for students to store books because the drawers of the desks are not big enough.
  • 學校對學生培育良多,幼稚園以至小學在價值及道德上培養學生有良好的品格及公民責任。(惟校園蚊患較嚴重,小兒讀中學部,而小女則就讀小學部,時常被蚊叮多處。)

  • Add more Parent Days so that parents can know more about students’ performance in school.
  • Seminars for parents should be arranged on Saturdays so that working parents can also attend.
  • Open communication is very important between parents and school management so that parents can understand the performance of their kids in school.  We suggest regular dialogue to be maintained between school and parents: even a 5-minute telephone discussion with the class teachers per month helps.  On the other hand, we suggest the class teachers to do the same to each student in the class to show students that they are cared for by the school.
  • More communication between teachers and parents.

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