Thursday, October 9, 2014

Message from the Principal (12th September 2014)

Munsang College

Message from the Principal
12th September 2014

Dear Parents and Students,

School's Stance on Class Boycott

As a Christian college that emphasizes love, understanding, reconciliation and respect for differences, we acknowledge and support the ideal of freedom of speech and encourage students to present their opinions in a peaceful and rational manner.

We, as our stakeholders, do believe that classroom teaching is an important part of student learning and will continue our tradition of providing unbiased education in class.  Also we have the responsibility to ensure that students’ learning progress is unimpeded and learning is facilitated in a safe environment.

In view of the recent calls to boycott classes (罷課) in the society, we understand that parents and students may share diverse views and opinions.  Irrespective of the stance held, we urge parents to take up the opportunity to scrutinize the issues together with their children, to remind them of the importance of critical thinking in analyzing the issue and to consider the possible consequences of their actions. 

With every challenge, there are opportunities.  While we see this as an avenue for us to develop students’ sensitivity, sophistication and rigour, we would invite parents to stand alongside us in guiding students to nurture a comprehensive view that recognizes the presence of multiple perspectives.

On one hand, as our children will become leaders of tomorrow, we must help them to learn to become independent thinkers, who make informed decisions based on thorough analysis of facts and opinions.  On the other hand, we feel obliged to request them to secure their parents’ consent if they are to engage themselves in any public or political activity.

Regardless of the uncertainty that has yet to unfold, we will do our best to maintain the normal functioning of school operations according to school regulations and offer assistance where appropriate.  Should you have any concerns and enquiries, or even requests for special arrangements, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Luk Kai Ho, Discipline Master at 3655 3329, or Mr. Lui Hang Sum, Assistant Principal, at 3655 3336.

May God bless us with peace, guidance and wisdom in need.

Yours sincerely,



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