Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Message from the Principal (24th April 2015)

Munsang College
Founded 1926

Message from the Principal
24th April, 2015

Dear Parents and Students,

With profound grief and sadness, I regret to inform you that Dr. Rayson Huang (黃麗松博士) left us on 8th April 2015 in England.  Sorrowful as it was to learn of his departure, we are assured that he is now resting in God’s hands, and are very much privileged to have such a distinguished alumnus as Dr. Huang, whose achievements have brought glory to Munsang College and the Hong Kong education sector.

Dr. Rayson Huang was our alumnus of Class 1937, a year which was seething with turmoil and encroachments by foreign powers in China.  His personal legacy, in the meantime, attested to robustness and resilience of Munsang, which tided itself over during the days of turbulence in the city.

Dr. Huang was also the first Chinese Vice Chancellor of the University of Hong Kong.  This put him in the top echelon in education before the days of the handover.  He made enormous contributions to the community by overseeing the development of the tertiary education, as well as facilitating a smooth transition of the city in its socio-political fabric to the sovereignty of our motherland.

Last, and definitely not the least, Dr. Huang was the son of our founding principal, Mr. Rufus Huang (黃映然創校校長).  Words fail us in our gratitude to the Huangs for their guiding hands that laid Munsang on a solid foundation as it is blessed with today.

To commemorate Dr. Rayson Huang, the following activities will be held:

1. Memorial Service on 8th May 2015 (Fri)
    All F.1 to F.5 students Munsang College and student representatives of Munsang College Primary School are requested to attend a Memorial Service scheduled for 8th May 2015 (Fri) from 2:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. in the School Hall. Parents and alumni are also invited to attend the service.

2. Condolence Expression from 24th April 2015 (Fri)
    From 24th April 2015 (Fri) onwards, all stakeholders of the Munsang Family are welcome to convey condolences to Dr. Rayson Huang in the Administration Centre, Munsang College.

May Dr. Rayson Huang rest in peace. Glory to Munsang.

Yours sincerely,

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