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Message from the Principal (15th March 2016)

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Message from the Principal (3)
15th March, 2016
Dear Parents and Students,
Please take note of the following:
Academic Affairs Committee
F.1 – F.5 Second Term Form Test Timetable 5/4/16 to 8/4/16
  1. Students should refer to school homepage and AAC bulletin board for the seating arrangement (which is different from those for the First Term Form Test and Examination).
  2. Students should arrive at the examination centre 15 minutes before the test commences. Late candidates will not be given extra time to compensate for the time loss.
  3. There is no lesson for F.1 – F.5 after the test during the test period. Students are advised to go home immediately for revision.
    The normal lesson timetable will resume on 11/4/2016 (Mon, Day 6).
  4. No supplementary test would be arranged for absentees.
  5. Students are strongly advised to work hard for the Form Test and strive for their best.
F.1 – F.3 Performance Booster 25/4/16 to 20/5/16
In order to improve the academic performance of F.1 to F.3 students who have obtained unsatisfactory results in Chinese, English, and/or Mathematics (core subjects), the Academic Affairs Committee has arranged a remedial program named Performance Booster for them in the Second Term.
Students who failed in any of the core subjects (except Liberal Studies) in either the First Term Examination or the Second Term Form Test will be selected to join the Performance Booster from 25/4/2016 to 20/5/2016. Parents are reminded to encourage students to try their best in academic pursuit and strive for a real balance between academics and activities.
F.3 Territory-wide System Assessment (TSA) 19/4/16
TSA for F.3 classes (Speaking Tests in Chinese Language and English Language) has been scheduled for 19/4/2016 (Tue, Day 6) from 8:45 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. All F.3 students are strongly encouraged to adopt a serious attitude towards the assessments.
Careers Committee
A reminder to all the F.3 Parents:
  • Spend time to talk with your children about their interests and careers aspirations so as to prepare them to think about their own career and life planning
  • Walk with them your open-mindedness, understanding and support and this will help you and your children in their course of choosing elective subjects for their senior years.
Upcoming Careers Programmes:
Date Time Event Participants
10:00 am – 1:00 pm Architecture Tour for Hong Kong Buildings HKGCC Partnering Program: Woods Bagot Careers Ambassadors
(Fri, Day 4)
3:30 pm – 5:00 pm Career Day for F.4 – 2nd Career Mapping
Chun Wo Construction & Engineering
(Fri, Day 4)
3:30 pm – 5:00 pm F.4 Promotion & Streaming Talk (2nd) F.3 Students
(Parents are optional)
Policy on Handling Emergency Situations and Class Suspension 2015/2016 (V02)
Arrangements of Class Suspension
Under inclement weather conditions and exceptional circumstances which could affect normal school operation, the Education Bureau (EDB) may announce the suspension of classes. When faced with emergency situations, the school may exercise discretion to suspend classes with the endorsement from the Incorporated Management Committee (IMC) and notification to the Regional Education Offices (REO). Official announcements regarding class suspension will be made via School Home Page (“”) as well as Munsang App (available for both Android and iOS devices). All stakeholders should check these media for the latest information. Below are the general arrangements of class suspension due to emergency situations:
(a) Class suspension announced by the EDB
  Contingency Arrangements
Red/Black Rainstorm Warning
Issued before the school session begins
  • Classes will be suspended all day as advised by the EDB.
  • Students who have not left for school should stay home.
  • School premises will be open and staffed until proper arrangements are made for arriving students to return home at an appropriate time.
  • For enquiry, please call 3633 3429 (Guard Room) or 3655 3300 (General Office).
Issued when the school is in session
  • School would continue the lessons until the end of the normal school hours and ensure that conditions are safe before allowing students to return home.
  • The announcement of EDB on suspension of classes does not mean sending all students home immediately. Parents need not collect their children from school immediately.
  • For enquiry, please call 3655 3300 (General Office).
Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal No. 8 or above
  • Classes will be suspended as advised by the EDB.
  • Students who have not left for school should stay home.
  • School premises will be open and staffed until proper arrangements are made for arriving students to return home at an appropriate time.
  • For enquiry, please call 3633 3429 (Guard Room) or 3655 3300 (General Office).
Others Under exceptional circumstances which may affect normal school operation territory- or district-wide (e.g. spread of communicable diseases, severe flooding in individual districts, serious traffic obstruction, etc.) and in consideration of the safety of students, the EDB may advise all schools or the schools in only one or just a few districts to suspend classes. If Munsang College (located in “Kowloon City”) is on the list, students need not go to school. Besides, students who are living in that/those districts need not go to school.
  Students and parents should listen to radio or television announcements when heavy persistent rain or tropical cyclones affect Hong Kong. Parents may exercise their discretion in deciding whether or not to send their children to school at the time of inclement weather. Allowance will be given to the affected students for lateness or absence from school at parents’ discretion on the day when inclement weather or flooding occurs. They should keep their children at home if they consider that local weather, road, slope, traffic or transport conditions at that time have yet to resume normal.
(b) Class suspension announced by the school
  • In response to emergency situations, the school may exercise discretion in making special arrangements in the light of the situation prevailing at the time, and/or having considered the advice of the relevant government departments. Examples include taking precautionary preventive measures (such as suspending classes) as proposed by the Centre for Health Protection in mitigating spread of communicable diseases in the school.
  • In making school-based special arrangements under emergency, the safety of students is the prime consideration and disturbance to student learning would be kept to the minimum.
  • The announcements of class suspension and re-arrangements of school events such as supplementary classes, tests and examinations during the period of class suspension will be made through our School Home Page and Munsang App as well as school circulars, if possible.
  • For enquiries, please contact the General Office at 3655 3300.
Yours sincerely,

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