Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Message from the Principal (19th June 2015)

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19th June 2015
Dear Members of the Munsang Family,
Your Support Counts
School Application for Relaxation of Building Height
Following the Education Bureau’s green light for funding the construction of a new school hall for Munsang College (Secondary School), Munsang College, School Sponsoring Body, has decided to capitalize on this opportune time to redevelop Block E (next to the swimming pool) so as to create more classrooms and facilities for further enhancing the learning and teaching environment of all the three schools on campus.
Now we feel excited to inform you that we have entered into a new phase of the campus development project: we are seeking the Town Planning Board’s approval to relax the height limit imposed on the site of the existing Block E and to redevelop Block E from a 5-storey into a 7-storey building. The additional 2 storeys would allow for the provision of an all-season swimming pool, an indoor playground and a number of classrooms.
The Town Planning Board has posted our application onto its website for the public to make comments by 30th June 2015. We would like to invite all our stakeholders, including students, parents, teachers and alumni, to go onto the webpage below for the details of the application and make comments as appropriate.
As your affirmative comment is a decisive factor if our application for the above-mentioned height relaxation is to become a success, please bear in mind the deadline on 30th June 2015 and that your support counts.
For any query or additional information, please kindly contact Mr. Louis Lui, Assistant Principal of Munsang College, at 3655 3336.
Yours sincerely,

Munsang College

Munsang College Primary School

Munsang College Kindergarten

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