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Message from the Principal (1st September 2015)

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Munsang College
Message from the Principal (1)
1st September, 2015
Dear Parents and Students,
Please take note of the following:
1. 90th Anniversary Kick-off Ceremony (4/9 Fri)
  The 90th Anniversary Kick-off Ceremony of the College has been scheduled for 4th September 2015 (Fri) at 2:00 p.m. in the School Hall. It is our honour to have the kind consent of Professor Peter Mathieson, President and Vice-chancellor of HKU, and Mrs. Mathieson as the Guests-of-honour of the ceremony.
  In the morning of 4th September 2015 (Fri), there will be normal lessons. In the afternoon, all F.4 to F.6 students and F.1 to F.3 representatives must attend the ceremony. For the other students, they can leave the school at 12:40 p.m. and there will be no lesson in the afternoon session. Normal school days will resume on 7/9 (Mon).
2. F.1 to F.3 Streaming
  A B C D E
F.1 * Academically
F.2 * Academically
Mediocre Normal
F.3 Academically
Mediocre Normal
  * Putonghua is adopted as the medium of instruction for Chinese Language.
3. School Major Concerns 2015/2016
A. Enhancing learning and teaching effectiveness
  (a) Catering for learners’ diversity
  - Adopting differentiated instruction and tiered assignments to cater for students’ diverse learning needs
  - Using higher order thinking questions and assessing students’ learning outcomes
  - Using e-learning to cater for students’ different learning styles
  (b) Effective use of assessment
  - Using assessment to
  identify students’ common areas of improvement and misconceptions
  help students’ self-reflection and self-monitoring
  facilitate teachers to make adjustment to their teaching strategies
  (c) Use of effective study skills
  - Cultivating students’ note-taking skills and study skills through school-based programs for F.1 and F.2 students
B. Building learning communities
  (a) Strategies for students
  - Enabling students to learn from their peers and to share good practices
  - Providing a platform for high achievers to learn from their peers, teachers and alumni
  - Facilitating students’ capability of employing reflection skills in running OLE activities
  (b) Staff development for teachers
  - Inculcating a sharing culture among teachers
  - Providing teachers with chances on experience sharing on teaching and curriculum planning
  - Managing and sharing learning and teaching resources
  - Facilitating communication and collaboration among teachers of different committees and subject departments
4. Matters Concerning Financial Arrangement
A. Student Financial Assistance
a. Collection of Eligibility Certificate ( 資格證明書 )
  The Student Financial Assistance Agency has mailed the captioned application results to the applicants who have submitted application for assessment of eligibility.
To facilitate the assessment process, please complete and return the Eligibility Certificate to the class teachers on / before 4th September, 2015 (Fri).
b. New Application
  Applications are invited for the above-mentioned assistance which includes assistance in the following areas:
  School Textbook Assistance
  Student Traveling Subsidy
  Subsidy Scheme for Online Charge
  The scheme is applied on a 'family-basis' and the Student Financial Assistance Agency has mailed pre-printed family-based Application Form B to applicants who were granted financial assistance in 2014/2015.
  Parents who wish to apply on behalf of their children in 2015/2016 but were not granted the assistance in 2014/2015 should
  obtain an Application Form A and the relevant information from the General Office, and
  mail the completed application form together with all the supporting documents to the Student Financial Assistance Agency directly.
B. Grantham Maintenance Grants 2015/16 (For F.4-F.6 students)
  To be eligible for applying for the captioned maintenance grants, the student-applicant must be a Hong Kong resident who is not in receipt of Comprehensive Social Security Assistance in his/her own name or under the applicant's family. Repeaters will not be considered except under very special circumstances.
  Application forms can be downloaded from the following website:
  The application form together with the supporting documents should reach Mr. Yu Kin-man, Vice-principal, at the General Office on/before 18th September, 2015 (Fri).
C. Tong Fai & Fee Collection
a. ePayment for F.1 and F.2
  Commencing in 2015/16, all F.1 and F.2 students will be able to make electronic payments (ePayment). An amount of HK$3,000 is to be deposited for settling the "Tong Fai and Fee to be collected”. Parents will be able to keep track of all payment transactions made at school via the eClass platform. For deposit of funds into students’ accounts, 2 channels are available:
  1. PPS (繳費靈), select “Munsang College” (PPS Code: 6340), or
  2. Bank in to the account 285-120754-003 (Hang Seng Bank - Bank Code: 024).
  Bank-in slip should be submitted to the class teachers on/before 2nd September, 2015 (Wed).
  For PPS bill registration procedures, please refer to the Information for PPS Bill Registration printed on P.8. Besides, parents are advised to keep a proper record of the transaction for checking purpose.
  At the end of an academic year, any unused balanced will be tallied and carried forward to the next academic year. Upon graduation, any remaining balance will be returned to students via a cheque.
b. For F.3 to F.6
  Please submit fees listed in the table on P.7 by Cheque to the class teachers on 2nd September, 2015 (Wed).
  Points to note:
  have the cheque made payable to "The Incorporated Management Committee of Munsang College"
  write the name, class and contact number of student on the back of the cheque
  post-dated cheques not to be accepted
c. If parents have two or more children studying in Munsang College, refund of the overcharged amount for the membership fee of Parent-Teacher Association can be applied for in the General Office from 7th to 11th September, 2015 while refund of the overcharged amount for “Voice 2014/15” (Year Book) can be applied for from 19th October, 2015. The reply slip should be returned to the General Office on/before 26th October, 2015.
d. For iPortfolio (9) and Smart Card (10), the charges are ONLY applicable to the newly-admitted students (NOT for F.1 Repeaters). Students who have lost the cards should approach the General Office for replacement.
D. Charge of $25 for the 2nd Copy of Testimonial / Transcript
  With reference to EDB Circular No. 46/99, the College has been given approval to collect HK$25.00 for the second copy of testimonial or transcript from students.
  Accordingly, applicants must submit HK$25.00 for each succeeding copy, other than the first copy, of the testimonial or transcript to be issued by the College.
5. Students' Medical History
  In order to provide our students with better support services, you are invited to supply the information of your children's medication condition by completing the Table on P.9 and returning it to the Class Teachers on/before 4th September, 2015 (Fri).
6. P.E. Lessons and Sports Activities of our School
  It is our objective to provide students with balanced development in integrity, intelligence, physical fitness, gregariousness and aesthetic. Physical Education is therefore a compulsory subject in our formal curriculum and all students must attend P.E. lessons.
  If a student suffering from serious health problems (e.g. chronic heart disease, injuries, surgical operation, and other diseases concerning internal organ or acute infections) wishes to be given exemption from P.E. / swimming lessons either temporarily or on a long term basis, application should be made to the Physical Education Department of the school on/before 16th September, 2015.
  The application should be in the form of a letter signed by the parents of the student, together with a medical certificate given by a doctor practicing western medicine. The student who has been granted exemption is still required to attend the P.E. lessons as an observer. Furthermore, he/she will not be allowed to participate in any extra-curricular sports activity until a written application to resume his/her P.E./swimming lessons is made by his/her parents. The school holds no liability in this connection.
  We therefore urge you as parents to make an early application to the school pursuant to this letter if you consider that your son/daughter cannot do vigorous physical exercises either temporarily or on a long-term basis. Appropriate arrangements will then proceed accordingly.
7. Preventing the Spread of Communicable Diseases in School
  As advised by the Centre for Health Protection (CHP) of the Department of Health (DH), outbreaks of communicable diseases such as human swine influenza, influenza, chickenpox, norovirus and hand, foot and mouth disease may occur in institutions and schools from time to time.
  Before the commencement of the new school year, we have thoroughly cleaned and disinfected the school premises. We would urge all students/staff members to pay attention to their personal hygiene and environmental hygiene of the school.
  For the sake of students’ health, we would like to appeal to you that in addition to maintaining a clean and healthy household environment, please remind your children to observe personal hygiene and keep the school environment clean. Please also kindly take note of the following measures:
  - Seek medical advice as soon as possible if your children develop symptoms of diarrhoea, vomiting and skin rash. If symptoms such as fever, sore throat or cough are developed, they should put on a mask immediately and seek medical care from designated influenza clinics as soon as possible. Please also notify the school and let the children stay at home for rest until symptoms have improved and fever has subsided for at least 2 days, or follow the medical advice on sick leave, whichever is longer.
  - Children with hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD) should be excluded from schools until fever has subsided and all the vesicles have dried and crusted. As an extra precaution, children with EV 71 infection should not go to school for another two weeks after all symptoms subsided.
  - Inform the school immediately if children are sick or have been admitted to hospital for surveillance.
  - Co-operate with the school by picking up children not feeling well from school and consulting the doctor immediately.
  - Provide children with handkerchiefs or tissue papers and remind them not to share towels or tissue papers with others.
  - Remind children to keep hands clean, cover nose and mouth while sneezing or coughing and dispose used tissue paper properly.
  - Before sending children to school, measure their body temperature, record the reading and sign the temperature record sheet which is available in Student and Parent Handbook 2015/2016. The control measure will take effect from 4th September, 2015 (Fri).
Please ask your child to present the temperature record sheet to his/her class teacher for checking every day. Students who fail to do so have to pay an amount of $3.00 for temperature checking at school.
  Again, we would like to appeal to parents’ co-operation in maintaining a clean and healthy household environment. Please remind your children to pay attention to personal hygiene and to take all necessary preventive measures against communicable diseases.
8. Careers Committee
  To help students in managing their Careers & Life Planning (CLP), we have adopted a set of career tool books published by Hong Kong Association of Careers Masters and Guidance Masters (HKACMGM) to be used in students’ CLP sessions and activities. F.1 to F.3 students will use “Finding Your Colours of Life” ($15 per copy) whereas F.4 to F.6, Career Mapping ($27 per copy). Please remind your children to keep good custody of these tool books as they will be used for 3 years.
  Careers Programmes for 1st Semester
Date Time Event Participants
(D5, Fri)
3:30 – 5:00 pm JUPAS Talk for F.6 F.6 Students & Parents
(D6, Mon)
3:30 – 5:00 pm Career Day for F.1 & F.2
Goal Setting
F.1 & F.2
(D1, Mon)
3:30 – 5:00 pm Career Day for F.4 – 1st Career Mapping
Professional Mentorship (1)
(D3, Fri)
3:30 – 5:00 pm U-Life Sharing for F.6 F.6
(D1, Tue)
3:30 – 5:00 pm Career Day for F.3
Preparation for elective choices
F.3 Students only
9. Counselling Committee and Guidance Prefect Association
  To provide support for F.1 students so as to help them to adapt to secondary school life, the following activities will be organized:
A. “You Light up my Life” scheme (For all F.1 students)
  Each F.1 student will be assigned to a Guidance Prefect (F.2 - 5 students) as the mentor, whom they will meet in the Kick-off Ceremony, periodic lunch meetings and after-school activity have been scheduled as below:
  (i) Kick-off Ceremony
Date: 11th September, 2015 (Friday)
Time: 3:30 – 5:15 p.m.
Venue: School Hall
  (ii) Periodic lunch meetings
Date: 20th October, 2015 (Tuesday), 22nd March, 2016 (Tuesday),
10th May, 2016 (Tuesday)
Time: 12:40 – 1:45 p.m.
Venue: Home Room
  (iii) After-school activity
Date: 10th November, 2015 (1AB only) & 13th November, 2015 (1CDE only)
Time: 3:30 – 5:00 p.m.
Venue: School Hall
B. First Lunch Gathering for F.1 New-comers, i.e. students from primary schools other than MSCPS
  A lunch gathering and guided school tour will be arranged to welcome F.1 students from primary schools other than MSCPS.
Date: 2nd September, 2015 (Wednesday)
Venue: D210-211
Time: 12:40 – 3:00 p.m.
Remark: The fee for lunch box and drink is $24 and will be collected by the Guidance Prefects.
10. Co-Curricular Activity Committee
  The following activities would be arranged in September:
A. CCA Enrollment Days
  Students are required to attend the CCA Enrollment Day to enroll in CCA groups on 25/9 (Friday) after school (3:45 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.). All students need to make application through the CCA promotion booths on that day. Late application would NOT be accepted except for absentees.
  Teachers-in-charge would select the members of the following groups before the enrollment day. Thus, students cannot make application to these groups on the Enrollment Day.
  a. Student Leader Groups (Student Association, Prefect Association, House Committee and Guidance Prefect Association)
  b. School Teams
  - Music groups (School Choir, Western Instrumental Training Programme and Chinese Instrumental Training Programme)
  - Sports teams (Athletic, Badminton, Basketball, Dancing, Fencing, Football, Swimming, Long Distance Running, Table Tennis and Volleyball Team)
  Students could get the detailed enrollment procedure and the information of CCA groups in the following ways:
  1. visit school home page → OLE → CCA
  2. refer to the CCA Enrollment Day brochure (to be distributed in early September)
  3. refer to the Student and Parent Handbook page 62 – 65
  4. contact Mr. Hui Kong Hang (Head of Co-Curricular Activity Committee)
B. House Annual General Meeting and House Committee Election
  The House Annual General Meeting and the House Committee Election Meeting will be held on the same day this year. All house members have to attend the meetings according to the following schedule.
Date House Time Venue
14th September 2015 Tak House 15:30 – 17:00 Hall
Chi House 15:30 – 17:00 Chapel
15th September 2015 Tai House 15:30 – 17:00 Hall
Kwan House 15:30 – 17:00 Chapel
16th September 2015 May House 15:30 – 17:00 Hall
Love House 15:30 – 17:00 Chapel
11. Mathematics Department
  Please be informed that the Mathematics Extended Modules Briefing Session for F.4 will be held after school from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. on 11th November, 2015 (Wednesday). This is compulsory for all F.4 students.
12. Student and Parent Handbook 2015/2016
  The Student and Parent Handbooks are for the easy reference of both students and parents. The content of the handbook covers information of the "parent-teacher correspondence", "school rules and regulations", "examination regulations", "assessment criteria", "remedial programs", co-curricular activities", etc. Parents are invited to make good use of the Handbook for getting to know us more and also for communicating with us.
13. Message from the Principal
  In order to remind students and parents of the important school programmes / functions / events, a total of five "Message from the Principal" will be printed and uploaded onto the school homepage in this academic year on the dates listed below and parents are invited to offer us their opinions on school administration on the reply slip:
  1st September, 2015, 14th December, 2015, 15th March, 2016, 27th May, 2016, 7th July, 2016
  Parents are also invited to view our homepage for the most updated information and a more comprehensive picture of the college.
14. School Events
  This year, details of school events will be announced through school homepage – MSC Portal. To be kept updated with school events, students and parents are reminded to visit the school homepage regularly.
  May I wish my students a prosperous year 2015/2016 and thank you for your kind attention!
  Yours sincerely,
  Kuby CHAN


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